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Resurrection of Jesus Christ = NO BONES, NO BODY

There are no bones left from Jesus as the Discovery channel tonight would try to convince the audience. I sat here & watched as the guys who supposedly found the bones of Jesus & Mary Magdalene -- in the same tomb, mind you -- give the bones to a lab scientist to examine the DNA for a match. Upon finding no match, he lab scientist goes on to conclude that the bones are not those of a brother & sister or a mother & daughter or a son & father (& other familial matches) so then he ends his conclusion with (paraphrase): "Since they are buried in a familial tomb, then I have to conclude that they are the bones of a husband & wife."

The problem with this "expert" opinion is that, if one reads the bible -- they would discover that it was not past the Israelites to bury other people, whom they considered a friend or someone they esteemed or deemed as family, in their own tombs or their family tombs. (DUH.) One example was the young prophet in 1 Kings 13 who was torn up by a lion. He was told via prophecy that he would not be buried with his fathers & then was torn up by the lion as he left the city. The older prophet went out & gathered his body & had him buried in his own tomb after saying "Alas, my brother!" He then told his sons to lay his bones next to the young prophet's bones. (Now judging what the DaVinci Code garbage has stirred up, I can tell you the garbage that leading scientists, experts, & theologians would conclude upon discovering these two prophets' bones -- both male -- side by side in the same grave.)

Leading scientists, experts & supposedly intelligent men & women would do everything they can to disprove the truth about Jesus Christ, Son of God. Anything associated with the Holy Spirit-inspired Word of truth, they would do their best (which is a failure) to prove that the Lord's Christ did not live according to the accounts (a.k.a. the gospels a.k.a. Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John) as written in the Holy-Spirit inspired Word of truth (a.k.a. the Bible).

If you love Raiders of the Lost Ark & Jewel of the Nile & Tomb Raider, then hey -- I can understand that the desire to discover some piece of historic treasure is a thrill to you folks. However, I think you should be warned, that if even Satan could find nothing on him? You can't either. You cannot disprove that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, rose from the grave. You also cannot prove that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, had any kind of intimate relationship beyond the bounds of friendship with any other human being on this earth when He walked in it. JESUS CHRIST KNEW NO SIN. He was not married. Something like a MARRIAGE or a SON or DAUGHTER being BORN TO JESUS would have made MAJOR HEADLINES, FRONT PAGE NEWS. No doubt about it! Regardless of the persecution at the time, the Sanhedrin, the Pharisees, the Saducees, the religious leaders, the Roman leaders, they would ALL have made sure that Jesus Christ's life situations were exposed.


All this is doing -- these Da Vinci Code garbages & now this supposed discovery -- is trying to discredit Christ's words. So Christians, let this be yet another wake up call to you. There are many anti-christs already in the world as James warned. The direction the world seems to be going -- and more particularly the United States of America -- it is apparent that we are heading toward persecution. It is a cycle proven in history:

  1. Question & discredit the power of God.
  2. Replace God (a.k.a. idolatry -- worship of other gods, tolerance of other religions).
  3. Thus bringing God's anger & judgment upon the land & its people.
  4. Acceptance &/or increase of sinful ways of living (a.k.a. homosexuality & other sexual deviations & perversions, abuse of government approved drugs, soothesayers & fortune-tellers, drunkenness, violence).
  5. Persecution of the temple of God & followers of the Most High God.
We're at the end of #4 in the U.S. of A.

Concerning Jesus Christ's body & his tomb, The truth is:
Joseph of Arimathaea, a counselor, begged for the body of Jesus from Pontius Pilate after Jesus physically died. He & Nicodemus took Jesus' body, wrapped it in linen with the mixture of myrrh & aloes that Nicodemus brought, & laid Jesus' body in Joseph's own sepulchre that was hewn in stone, that never had a body laid in it before (brand new tomb). The enemies of Jesus took careful measures to prevent the disciples from stealing the body of Jesus Christ so they could not say "He is risen" after three days. They sealed the tomb (which already had a large stone rolled in front of it) & set a guard of soldiers to watch the tomb. These soldiers did not sleep for fear of death. The disciples proved their cowardice when they all scattered...abandoning Jesus when he was crucified. Their actions proved they would not challenge the guards to remove Jesus Christ's body...for fear of death.

When the disciples & women returned to the tomb after the sabbath, they discovered that there was ONLY LINEN in the tomb. Otherwise it was empty.

Jesus the Christ, the Son of God, who sits at the right hand of power, the right hand of God... He rose from the dead. He conquered death. The grave could not hold him. How is this possible?
But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you. ~ Romans 8:11

There is a brief mention in the Old Testament (2 Kings 13) that there were some men burying a man. When they spied a band of men, they cast the dead man into the sepulchre of Elisha. Upon touching the bones of Elisha, the dead man was revived & stood up on his feet. How is this possible?

The Spirit that raised up Christ from the dead was in Elisha's bones!

After Jesus Christ died & rose again:
  • He was touchable.
  • He got past shut doors to stand in the midst of the disciples.
  • He ate broiled fish & a piece of a honeycomb.
  • He was seen for 40 days before being taken up.
  • At least 120 witnesses saw him & obeyed him to not depart Jerusalem &, "wait for the promise of the father which ye have heard of me."

In Jesus Christ's tomb -- originally Joseph of Arimathaea's tomb -- there are NO BONES & NO BODY belonging to Jesus Christ.

That's the truth & I'm sticking to it.

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