Monday, May 23, 2005

Don't Tread On Me

First the natural, then the spiritual.

Here is how other countries are showing their dislike for the USofA.

25 stars & 14 stripes eh? DOH! Korea's encouragement for countrymen to step on the USA flag.

DEMONSTRATIONS OF SUPPORT FOR IRAQ, BURNING AMERICAN & ISRAELI FLAGS "Land Day" in the Arab sector, which took place this Sunday (March 30) was marked by demonstrations of support for Saddam Hussein.

On Wednesday, [Muqtada al-Sadr] said a statement that "believers within (Iraq) especially those who reject occupation should respond to the profaning of God's holy book and for their violations of holy places by drawing the American and Israeli flags in the ground in front of mosques." God's holy book? More like Mohammed's book isn't it? The protests follow Muqtada al-Sadr's call Wednesday to reject the U.S. occupation of Iraq by painting Israeli and American flags on the ground outside mosques to be stepped on in protest raids against holy places. What does Israel have to do with this? Oh I know - let's just group them (Israel & the U.S.) together because we don't like them both for our own personal religous reasons, right?

Shiites burning the american flag Al-Sadr followers in Najaf, Kufa and Nasiriyah painted American and Israeli flags on most streets near mosques before stepping on them, chanting: "Down, down Israel; down, down USA".

more flag burning information BEIRUT -- In his workshop in suburban Beirut, Reef Hammoudi has been painting Israeli and American flags at the rate of 50 a day, so high is the demand from people demonstrating in support of the new Palestinian "intifada." He does them on nonabsorbant cloth just an hour or so before they are due for ritual burning because, he says, "I can't stand them in my shop and they disgust my clients."

Ok - so we get the point. They don't like the U.S.A. -- or Israel for that matter. What's new?
Do they want us to cry because they're burning replicas of our flag or stomping on inaccurate hand-drawn images? Sorry. No tears from me.

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