Sunday, May 01, 2005

TV show: Revelations

The TV show Revelations is -- as expected -- incredibly inaccurate. It became obviously clear why it was so inaccurate after learning that it was created by the creator of the movie The Omen. The first episode started with a dad whose daughter was killed by a satanist. The dad is a scientist so he rationalizes everything in his mind and needs to experience proof to believe. The satanist gets locked up in jail. The scientist-dad doesn't want to talk about what happened & tries to hide in spite of his face being plastered all over the news. Meanwhile, some nun is running around the world documenting phenomena that she (& others) attribute to being evidence of Christ on earth. Basically, she runs where ever there are "signs & wonders" & documents them. In this episode, she documents some shadow on a mountainside showing a man on a cross looking at her (or anyone for that matter who is on the ground watching). But there isn't anything in the sky that could make that shadow appear. (More TV glam talebearing & storytelling.) Ain't gonna happen in the real world. So then, in another household, a rebellious little girl is struck by lightning on her way to school after her dad yells out "Just for that, you're going to sunday school!" (Great. Portray going to church as a form of punishment. How appealing.) After she's struck by lightning, she's brought to a hospital where she's in a coma & rants in Latin. That's when the catholic church is brought in. (cringe) So the nun runs to document this "sign & wonder" as well. (Everything is inaccurate at this point, but even more so - check out this very inaccurate portrayal of a supposed "Christ-like" manifestation of a "sign & wonder"...) The little girl in a coma not only chants in Latin, but her hand starts spazzing out in the air. So the nun gets a notion
to put a stylus in the little girl's hand & hold a pad of paper to it. Now the TV show begins to portray something of a bit of Edgar Cayce necromancy phenomena here. Lo & behold, whaddya know? The little comatose girl begins to draw pictures on the pad of paper! The drawings lead the nun to the scientist-dad who comes to see the comatose girl for himself only to decide that some tooth fillings in her brain are being triggered by rainstorms (electrical activity in the atmosphere) and he's probably more accurate than what the so-called "miracle" portrayal would have us, the audience, believe. Though I'm sure many were duped into believing that little display of necromancy was indeed something "Christ-like" in nature. At any rate, the scientist-dad is only convinced after the comatose girl's heart flatlines on the EKG -- & the entire room goes into panic mode as nurses fight nuns for the possession of the girl -- & he walks over to hold the little girl's hand (while the scene behind him goes into bullet-mode all Matrix-like...the background of nuns & nurses fighting speedily behind him... while his little world with the girl runs in slow-mo) & the hand grips his in a spaz-like motion thus spurring on her heart again on the EKG monitor "bleep...bleep". Now the scientist-dad is convinced that this little girl -- who necromantically drew a picture that only HIS dead little daughter drew for him (a donkey) -- somehow harbors the spirit or is in touch with the spirit of his dead daughter.

Pretty freaky stuff. Definitely not Biblical. Again it amazes me that catholicism is portrayed...since it's being portrayed A LOT in these end times. Yet the fruit we have
seen manifest from that religion has been homosexuality, molestation, bribery...and these by the very heads of the church: the priests. And prayers to Mary or any of the Saints (i.e. Peter, Paul, John, & whomever else) is false teaching. Jesus himself said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes to the Father, except by me." (John 14:6)

In the original Greek this sentence would read: "Jesus (Jehovah is Salvation) said (taught, pointed out with words, advised, commanded, directed) unto him, I am (exist, am present, happen, to be) the way (road, course of conduct, manner of thinking, feeling, deciding), the truth (in reality, in fact, certainly, that candour of mind which is free from affection, pretence, simulation, falsehood, deceit), and the life (vitality, the fullness of life which belongs to God, real & genuine life, devoted to God): no man (no
one, no thing
) cometh (appears, is established, becomes known, arises, shows itself, finds place or influence) unto (with regard to, towards, with) the Father (God), but (except, if not) by (through, with, in, by means of, on account of, by reason of) me."

The only way we can have audience with God is by accepting His Son, Jesus Christ as being His only begotten Son who was crucified & rose on the third day & now sits at His right hand. For to please the Father is to love His Son of whom it is said that "whosoever believeth upon him shall not perish but have everlasting life." (John 3:16)

1 Timothy 2:5 - For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;

mediator here means 1) one who intervenes between two, either in order to make or restore peace and friendship, or form a compact, or for ratifying a covenant 2) a medium of communication, arbitrator

More and more we need to remember this one truth: Jesus Christ is the only way to God.

Unless Jesus Christ is preached, then do not listen or pay heed. Do not follow or go after another doctrine. Do not bow down or worship another "god".

As for this Revelations TV show. I fell asleep through the second episode after learning the nun was not backed by the Vatican because the Pope wouldn't want to lose his place as the mediator between men and Jesus if Jesus could be proven to be found on earth.

Jesus will never be FOUND on earth, folks. Only his likeness will be found in his people. Those who are Christ-like will be found. But Jesus will not be found on earth. I promise you this. So don't go looking for him if people say, "Here he is!" or "We've seen him there!" Because they're lying. Jesus gave parables (stories meant to reveal their sayings to those they were revealed to, but to hide these same sayings from those they were meant to be hid from) that explained WHEN he would return.

He will return at the end. Even when it seems like it should be the won't be the end.

The end is at the end.

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