Monday, March 16, 2009

Truth overcomes lies

The Christians in the U.S.A. have been lied to - preached "another Jesus" as Paul had warned against. There are so many pagan and false religion rituals, festivals, dress codes, and practices that the current church of America is littered with. If God was not the merciful God that He is - He would have already dealt with this disease by snuffing it out at the roots. However, Gods' mercy and patience have continued through the years to allow those Christians who want to walk intimately with God -- truly know Him and His ways -- to come forth and seek the Truth. These are the ones who get kicked out of churches and bible studies for asking questions that other Christians cannot answer. These are the ones who want answers for things that have been unexplainable for years. But now we are in a day and age where many are running to and fro (traveling), and knowledge has increased. With the internet, there is so much we can learn. Christians can study the origins of their traditions, holidays, festivals, practices.

I've been taught that you can only give what you've got. If you've been given a whole slough of lies, then you can only give out lies. You cannot give truth if you do not have it. Christians have been frustrated for decades and become complacent, just settling for less... they make God and His Word to be so mysterious that they don't think that they can get answers when He specifically said "ASK and you shall receive, SEEK and you shall find, KNOCK and the door shall be opened unto you." HELLO?? where is faith? Can't just go to church and rely on one man or woman to give ALL THE ANSWERS. They're not God. God is God. If you have questions, you gotta ASK. If you want to know, you gotta SEEK and KNOCK and ASK. Otherwise, you can just sit there like a know-it-all ... whether you're Christian or Atheist or Jewish... and look like a doofus.

Truth has a way about it... that when it manifests itself, it needs no smoke & flashy strobe lights. It comes and presents itself plainly and its presence is so incredibly powerful that it stops tongues and has such a powerful effect that not one can deny its existence.

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