Friday, April 22, 2011

Feast of Unleavened Bread

I went to the coffee shop the other day to get my usual morning coffee and as I stood waiting for the creamer to be refilled, I eyeballed the brownies and muffins while pondering what to have for breakfast. I recalled that I brought some items to eat and dismissed the idea of the brownie and muffins. It wasn't until the next day that I realized that YHVH Eloheyka prevented me from purchasing the brownie and/or muffin. When I remembered that I had entertained that idea the previous morning, I was so blessed by YHVH's provisions of protection! In spite of me, He restrained me from eating leaven! Last year, I spent the Feast of Unleavened Bread in California with friends. While there, I had the opportunity to visit family for a weekend. My cousin and I went to a mall and visited a beverage vendor to quench our thirst. One of the employees was passing out fresh donut holes. Without thinking, I accepted one and popped it into my mouth. It wasn't until after I had swallowed it that I realized what I had done and went into shock. A gasp escaped my lips as I said, "Oh no!" My hand went to my mouth. My eyes widened. The employee asked, "What's wrong?" My cousin realized it too and answered, "She can't have any leaven." He then said to me, "Ah - Shalom!" I spent that evening repenting. Well, I remembered this also. So I saw how the year before, I fell into the peril of actually breaking the commandment of the Feast of Unleavened Bread and ate leaven. This year, I almost fell into the same peril, but Bless YAH! I did not follow through. So it got me thinking: We are not commanded to do anything but to eat unleavened bread, which - unless we follow through with actually eating unleavened bread each day - does not present us with any way of remembering to stay away from leavened foods during the week while we are at work or somewhere other than at home. The only thing that helps me remember to stay away from leavened foods (since that lustful day in which I eyeballed those brownies and muffins in the coffee shop) is because I have this quiet voice that repeats in my mind, "Have you eaten any unleavened matzah (bread) today? How much?" We are not required to eat a certain amount -- not that I know of anyway -- but we *are* required to eat Unleavened Bread for a period of 7 days. So I gave it more thought and realized last year I was not as determined as I am this year to make sure I have matzah with me when I leave home. At work, I have a box of matzot. Last year, I did not have a box with me. So when I visited my familu, I was caught unawares. This year, I am diligent AND I have YAH watching over me, making sure my feet do not slip in my halacha (walk) before Him. Bless His Holy Name! \o/ Each year (and I am only two years old at this), it gets easier and sweeter and full of revelation. Chag Sameach!

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