Sunday, June 23, 2013

Posting Again

A good friend suggested yesterday that I start a blog to document the mass of information that I have been receiving in relationship to what I am understanding of the kingdom of Elohim. Interestingly, I had that thought pop in my mind a couple days ago to "start a blog" and I dismissed it as silly because "who would read it?". Well, who knows. My friend would. So, I'm going to take this confirmation and try to be active with this blog again that I set aside.

The purpose of this blog will be to relate what I have learned/am learning in university with this Mechanical Engineering program -- the physics, the calculus, the chemistry, the engineering, the amazing math & science that belongs to YHVH -- and how it explains some of the things we know, but don't know how to explain or really put into words, regarding the works of YAH.

Also I will just take examples from life and show how the patterns and wavelengths and frequencies line up with what YHVH teaches us in His Eternal Word... which is in us.

I'd like to preface this blog with a reminder that I AM CONTINUALLY GROWING and so...what I think right now in this present moment... and what I know up to this point is subject to change with the information I continue to receive about this life - seen and unseen. So what I share is not expertise or law or finality. I am not an authority on anything. I am just a student and disciple who loves YHVH and am constantly having mind-blowing revelations of things that are too wonderful me.

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sandra said...

Cool, will be checkin it out!c