Friday, August 27, 2004

"A Stupid Sense of Humor"

Since this blog chose to delete my comment to the following news article:

A report of a bomb aboard a Turkish merchant ship Thursday forced the U.S. Coast Guard to escort the vessel away from the port of Philadelphia and anchor it near the mouth of the Delaware River, where it flows into the Atlantic Ocean, senior Defense officials told FOX News.

The ship’s master became irritated with the length of time a routine Coast Guard search was taking and made comments about a possible explosion, officials said. He refused to allow authorities to search certain portions of the vessel, called the Cenk Kaptanoglu.

But the captain later told authorities he’d been joking about the bomb, officials told FOX News. The ship, which was carrying coal, had not yet been boarded for its second inspection.

Still, the Coast Guard took his comments “very seriously” and planned to conduct a "multi-agency” search, officials told FOX News.

The blog posted this comment to the article:
Does the US Government have a Department of Insanity? [Insert your own jokes here _____] If they do, I hope they were part of the "multi-agency" search.

My answer to this was (paraphrased):

If you work in law enforcement, then you would not take such joking lightly. Especially in this day & age. Anyone who would make such an idiotic joke to a LEO should be prepared for nothing less than a cavity search.

I thought that was an obvious, "Dude, Wake up."

The blog administrator obviously didn't like that answer.

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