Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Wake Up Call.

There are things all around this world that I read about or see and I wonder to myself, "Why?"

Sometimes I wonder to others and they give me their opinion as an answer... and it may be sound in content, yet lacking in reason. Or it may be expressly biased to the individual's "Theory of Life & Surrounding Issues". So I may or may not keep their words in the back of my mind as I continue collecting bits of information on the quest for the total answer. It is always amazing to me to learn the history of a subject - whether it is a word, slogan, public office, race of people, type of ritual, individual person, piece of art, published book, type of food, geographic location... Wow. And sometimes, it is so disappointing to learn from that history that we (all of us) have lived with a twist, a lie, an untruth for many decades - maybe even centuries. Where we may have thought that "this is the way it has always been", we are told the historical account in detail and learn that it has not always been that way. And sometimes, it is so rewarding to be enriched with a broader, historical scope surrounding a subject. If not rewarding, then definitely an eye-opener. Things that make you go, "Ohhh!"

It's time to wake up and find out what's really going on.

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Queenie said...

You might have to...die before you figure that one out.
Me? I think it comes down to an apple seed.