Thursday, December 30, 2004

United To Help Tsunami-stricken Countries

ABC News states that the death toll from the tsunami is past 117,000 and over 5 million people lack food, sanitary water, and shelter.

The tragically encouraging news I found in this entire story was reading the different countries (United States, India, Germany, Finland, Australia, Japan, Israel, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore) that have pitched in to help the devastated regions (India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indian islands, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, the Maldives, Somalia, Tanzania, Kenya, & Sumatra).

It is good to see people in the governments and militaries, from different nations and races, coming together to show care in the form of providing food & medicine, building water plants & mobile clinics, finding & rescuing survivors, identifying & bagging dead bodies, and distributing supplies to survivors.

It is just unfortunate that it takes circumstances like these to unite international efforts from governments and their militaries.

Note: Countries in this post were listed in the order in which they were named in the article.

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