Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Boy Am I Enthusiastic!

In two minutes, this is all my brain could come up with:

  1. happy (positive)
  2. joyous (positive)
  3. elated (positive)
  4. ecstatic (positive)
  5. wonderful (positive)
  6. pleased (positive)
  7. vibrant (positive)
  8. anxious (neutral)
  9. relaxed (positive)
  10. serene (positive)
  11. envious (negative)
  12. hateful (negative)
  13. contentious (negative)
  14. angry (negative)
  15. sad (negative)
  16. unhappy (negative)
  17. tearful (negative)
  18. heartbroken (negative)
  19. wrecked (negative)
  20. beat (negative)
  21. weary (negative)
  22. numb (negative)
  23. dumbfounded (negative)
  24. turned-on (positive)
  25. cheery (positive)
  26. zapped (negative)
  27. hungry (neutral)
  28. wowed (positive)
  29. awed (positive)
  30. inspired (positive)
  31. upbeat (positive)
  32. zealous (neutral)
  33. triumphant (positive)
  34. incorrigible (negative)
  35. encouraged (positive)
  36. renewed (positive)
  37. jubilant (positive)
  38. comatose (negative)
16/38 negative
19/38 positive
3/38 neutral
Feb. 2, 2005 — Robert Schrauf says he was a bit puzzled when he began analyzing data he collected that shows that regardless of age or culture, we have far more words in our vocabulary that express negative rather than positive emotions.
Or could it be that people just have too much negativity around them and inside them to consider all the ways to say, "I am happy to be alive."

(I just happened to find three extra reasons more to be positive than negative. I wonder what that means in this study?)

The heading of this post was a saying I was forced to shout every morning around 7:00 A.M. during my attendance at Northwest Basketball Camps (NBC). I will never forget those days!

"Shut dee doh, keep out dee debil, shut dee doh keep dee debil in dee night."

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