Monday, February 14, 2005

Suicide Ideology vs. God's Love

"Suicide Ideology" was the name of a Yahoo! chat room created by 26-year-old Gerald Krein. He was arrested in Klamath Falls, Oregon in his mother's mobile home on February 9. His goal was to get a bunch of people to commit suicide today: Valentine's Day. About 31 women participated in the chat room and expressed their assent to the mass suicide pact.
Chat room participants supposedly planned to commit suicide on Valentine's Day while logged on with each other.

The chat room is no longer active.
However, one woman stated she would not only kill herself, but she would kill her two children first. This led a Canadian woman, also a suicide participant, to go to authorities.
So far, investigators have tracked down four of the women Krein was in contact with: the woman who came forward in Canada and three others living in Oregon, Missouri and Virginia.

"In the Missouri and Virginia case, he was inviting them to bring their children with them," said Evinger. "It would have been four children total."

Women - DON'T DO IT.

Let me give you some MAJOR good reasons for starters:
  1. You were duped by a mama's boy
  2. Trailer trash reeled you in
  3. You were suckered by a confused man's twisted fantasy
  4. He's been scamming vulnerable women for five years to commit suicide for him
Ok let's cut to the chase. Here is a boy - not a man, because of obvious reasons - who is still living with mommy. He lives in a trailer... not a house with a beam from which women can hang themselves upon after having sex with him.
"The common theme is that these were women who were vulnerable, who were depressed," said Evinger. "He invited them to engage in certain sexual acts with him - and then they were to hang themselves naked from a beam in his house."
County Prosecutor Ed Caleb said no one knows for sure whether Krein intended to bring participants to his home or conduct the suicide over the Internet. Because Krein was living in a mobile home while organizing the suicide, the idea of hanging bodies from beams may indicate the idea was a fantasy.
He seeks out depressed , vulnerable women as victims on whom he can release his twisted fantasy. These women's emotions were played on. These women were lied to.

Here is part of a transcript he shared with an Oregon woman

Woman: How did you come up with the idea of a party? That's pretty creative.

Answer: Just did. So do you want to join?

Woman: Maybe.

Question: Do you want to hang?

Woman: No, gas.
Did he promise these women that he would kill himself too? Or were they supposed to kill themselves for him? And if they were supposed to kill themselves for him, then I ask: What kind of arrogance is this? Who does he think he is that someone should take their life for his miserable existence?

Dear Depressed Woman:

Let me just say that life was not meant to be easy. There will be difficult times to be faced. What does not kill us, makes us stronger as the saying goes. If you've survived through life thus far, then do have courage. Your life touches another life. What you do with your life affects the lives of others. Have courage. And if you find yourself struggling with thoughts of death, injury, self-defeat, and low-esteem...then understand that these are not thoughts God has given to you. They are thoughts meant to destroy you. God loves you. More than you love yourself. He loves you so much that he prepared a way for you to have life and to have it abundantly. But Satan wants to show himself more powerful than God. So he has devised ways for the creation to be destroyed. If he can get you to think the idea of destroying yourself is your idea, then he has won victory. Now all that remains is for you to destroy yourself. Then his goal is accomplished. Whatever device Satan can use to carry out his plans to maim, kill, and destroy he will grab hold of it and use it. He does not care. Because he did not create life. He can only kill it. God gives life. He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to show us the depths of His love for you, for me, for all of us. It was not until Jesus Christ was born and walked the earth 2,000 years ago that we could ever know of the Father's love toward us. He sent His son to build a relationship with us. That through Jesus Christ we would be brought into right relationship with God. For all that call upon the name of Jesus Christ will be saved. God does not care who you are or what you have done. Come as you are. Satan would have you believe other things that are false such as, "Why would God love YOU? Look at you. Look at what you have done. Look at who you are. He could not love you. Nobody loves you. Not even yourself. Just end it." These are lies from the devil and do not listen to it. If a promise is ever given to you that involves killing life, injurying life, destroying life...then it's not a promise from God. Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father. Please have courage. And have faith. Trust God. He will never leave you nor forsake you.

When you're crying for love, you're crying for God.

It is easy to ask for the epitome of Love...the personification of love itself: GOD... to come into your life and show you real love. Not a fleshly, instantly-satisfying-but-empty-feeling kind of love. A love that is everlasting. Do the following: If you genuinely want this kind of love (and this is not just for depressed women, but for ANYONE - God is not a respecter of persons), then with all your heart, mind, and strength say: Father who is in heaven, I want to know You and Your love for me. I believe that You sent Your Son, Jesus Christ, in the flesh and that you raised Him from the dead. I ask you, Jesus, to come into my me, change me, and make me whole. Show me the love of the Father that I may walk in that love. Amen.

That prayer is for anyone. Sometimes we mistaken sexual acts and flirtation and acceptance from another as "true love". It doesn't matter who we are. We can be a man who has never had a right relationship with our dad. Or a woman who has never had a right relationship with our mother. Or we could be a young man who was molested as a child by someone. Or a woman who was raped at some point in our life. We've been hurt in our physical bodies and now our emotions are confused and hurt. Our spirit still exists within us and still seeks the love of God. But because we live in a physical world, we forget about God and we seek love from others. We want to be accepted and feel good about ourselves. Gratification through sex does not accomplish this end result. Masturbation brings an instant feeling of gratification followed by a feeling of guilt and dirtyness. It is tension released. But it is not peace from God. Adultery brings a feeling of acceptance and accomplishment (secret control) from another who is not our spouse. But it is not the love between man and wife that comes from God in a marriage covenant. Homosexuality brings a feeling of acceptance and comfort (friendship) from another of the same sex. But it is not the love that comes from God in a union between man and woman. Prostitution brings a feeling of accomplishment (payment for services, control) and acceptance. But it is not the love of God which provides for the smalles of our needs to the largest, makes us complete, and loves us as we are with no conditions.

When you learn the love of God and you find that you want to share your love with someone, then ask God to bring a husband or a wife. He does not wish for man or woman to be alone. He will hear your request and find someone for you. Be patient. Honor Him. He will honor you.

Seek Him and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

Police say Oregon man had been soliciting suicides for at least five years

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