Thursday, February 10, 2005

Radical Islamists use the Internet to Target Christians

This is incredibly disturbing: the lengths at which people filled with hatred will go to in order to exact their vengeance.

Apparently there was a website created at what-used-to-be-the-address that posted the pictures of Christians who were debating Muslims in PalTalk. I first read this information in this Jihad Watch post. Upon reading all the comments to the post, I learned that the website had been shut down. Some of the comments were geared toward getting it shut down. I then read all the articles related to this situation.

The reality that must be faced here is simply this: Someone created that website and its intentions were not for good...especially in the case of Christians.

The problem that must be faced here is simply this: The Internet is vast and Internationally networks people quickly. These kinds of people will find places to flock together elsewhere on the Internet.

So the question I ask is this: How many more websites like this are out there?

The death of an Egyptian Coptic family in New Jersey brought to light this website. Apparently a picture of him and his wife was displayed on that barsomyat website.

The good news is that the FBI is investigating the hate site. They have been made aware that there are probably many more out there. That particular website had been passworded so the only way to enter was by registering. More than likely, that is what the FBI & other cyber-security forces will encounter when seeking those Muslim-hating-Christian websites.

Or how about Muslim-seeking-to-kill-Christian websites.

Same thing.

So we've got Muslims-hating-Christians not only OUTSIDE of the borders of the United States of America, but we have also got Muslims-hating-Christians WITHIN THE BORDERS OF THE U.S.of A. who are connecting over the Internet together to kill Christians?
The documents stress that when Muslims are in the lands of the unbelievers, they must behave as if on a mission behind enemy lines. Either they are there to acquire new knowledge and make money to be later employed in the jihad against the infidels, or they are there to proselytize the infidels until at least some convert to Islam.

I have a couple of problems with this. Mind if I just voice them out here? You do? Ok then you can just hit that "X" button at the top right of your browser there. The rest of you, let's just examine this for a moment:

The United States of America has always...ALWAYS...permitted people from other ethnic creeds and religions to enter into this country
  1. to practice their own religions
  2. to live peaceable lives together
  3. to escape abuses or tyranny from other countries
  4. to establish businesses and earn an honest living
And then we have jerks who come into this country and screw it up for the rest of us.

Can I be a Christian and still say that? Jerks.
Probably not. Jesus may correct me on that one. However, I think the word politely sums up what many of us living in this country feel these days.

If we pay attention, then we can see how the very PROTECTION and rights of United States citizens are BEING UNDERMINED by things like:
  • illegal aliens crossing the borders
  • illegal aliens crossing the borders & getting false documents to allow them to work here
  • illegal aliens crossing the borders & populating our towns & cities by living here
  • illegal aliens being granted rights...*shakes head*...for violiating our very own immigration laws
  • illegal aliens living & working in our country and figuring out how to "get around the system" to invite MORE ILLEGAL ALIENS to live & work here
  • and finally...
  • illegal aliens within our borders who live & work here and then plot to destroy our way of life due to an alternative agenda

And who are these illegal aliens?
Anyone who comes into this country falsely, wrongfully, illegally, deceitfully, cunningly.

Fortunately there are websites like the Internet Haganah (look at My Roll Call on the side-bar) that are watching out for the activities of terrorists on the Internet.

Now if only we could convince President Bush to place a Haganah on our borders. To seal them from those who would attempt to enter from countries where Terrorism and Terrorists are encouraged, taught, spawned, and harbored. We can let certain countries come in, but these others...uh-uh.

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