Thursday, January 27, 2005

Iraq The Vote

Sunday is the big day in Iraq. The big election day. For many Iraqis, this means a chance to exercise a democratic method: Casting a vote for who you believe is best suitable to run the government. For the first time in history, Iraqi women are running for offices although in secret. Because the terrorist tactics still exist. And lives are still in danger as a result.

A group of men have been passing out leaflets to all Iraqis giving them a warning:
"This is a final warning to all of those who plan to participate in the election. We vow to wash the streets of Baghdad with the voters' blood. To those of you who think you can vote and then run away, we will shadow you and catch you, and we will cut off your heads and the heads of your children."
These are the kinds of conditions Iraqi people have lived under for years. And it doesn't stop. But many of them are tired of the oppression and tyranny and are welcoming democracy because of the hope it provides: A fair and open way of filling government offices.

The Sunnis, a minority Muslim sect, have chosen not to participate in the electoral process. Yet they want to be involved in the politics AFTER the election. They want to take part in writing a permanent constitution. They say that the constitution is a matter separate from the elections and though this is true, they are both equally part of the governmental process... which is to lay down foundations and establish guidelines by setting up governing bodies and documents, and -- most importantly -- forming checks-and-balances systems. Checks-and-balances means that certain provisions have to be put into place in order for a government action to occur. That way, there are no one-man leaderships as in the past.

At any rate, these leaflets being passed out to Iraqis by these jerks (a.k.a. insurgents) is just pathetic. It appears to be the typical behavior that has come from that area of the world: We don't like it, therefore we will kill anyone who supports it.
"O brave mujahideen! O lions! O people of zeal! Go and fight and God will be with you."
That was written on an Internet posting by the Islamic Army of Iraq encouraging followers to disrupt the elections.

Islamic Army of Iraq... I have one flaw to point out to you: You're severely misled.

God will not only NOT be with you (spiritual technicalities involved)...but He is also AGAINST you.

Point #1? You are oppressive. You intimidate and you kill your brothers and sisters -- you kill not only men, but women and children. Their blood cries out for revenge. Your actions are very much inspired by the likes of Satan himself: maim, kill, and destroy. Truth hurts, I know. Offended? Well...again, truth hurts. And if it feels like salt to a wound, well at least we both know you have a sore and sensitive spot... and maybe you should deal with it on your face before God in repentance.

Point #2? You not only kill your brothers and sisters, but you kill anyone. Wrong. God is not the God of vengeance from the Old Testament anymore people. Catch up with the rest of the world. God's commandments are to love God with all your heart, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself. That includes the Western world folks. Yep - the good old United States. And Britain. And Australia. And basically everyone because we are all neighbors. Whether we like it or not. So try to get along with us. You're only hurting yourselves.

Point #3? Leave God out of it. He has nothing to do with your cry of hatred and destruction. When you start saying "god" is with you people, I have to wonder what golden calf you're talking about.

Point #4? Stop lying to your followers by telling them that God is on your side. Deceit and treachery appear to go hand in hand with you people. Why lie to them? Why encourage a false zeal? Are you not only looking forward to the deaths of innocent people trying to live a fair life, but also of those who support and work for you?

Point #5? You're not a martyr if you die over this. Your death will be in vain. And the lives you take will continue to mark you for judgment: The second death.

Point #6? If you people claim to be Muslim and read the Quran, then I have to tell you that you are totally going against your own book and teachings. Therefore, you're not only false by Christian (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus the Son of God's) ways...but you're also false by Muslim (Abraham, Ishmael....and Muhammad your prophet's) ways. (And yes, I will contend that Jesus is the Son of God. He was no slave. Not to Allah, not to God. There is no slavery with God. That is where you are mistaken heavily. We are given freedoms with consequences. And God hates oppression. Why do you think Satan is reserved for the Lake of Fire after the Day of Judgement? *sheesh* "My people perish for a lack of knowledge," says God.)

Point #7? You are in a prison. Your mind is your prison. It is where the lie -- the deceit -- exists. And it has tainted your heart. Those of like-spirit have grouped together. Together your wish appears to be to imprison others. If you cannot imprison them the way you are, then you kill them. You need serious help...from yourselves.

Point #8? Read points #1-7. I will reserve the rest. I think those are enough to go on. I tell you a truth: God does not approve of what you are doing. You kill, you imprison, and not just your own, but the world with you. This spread of hatred, strife, and envy has become like a disease that has plagued your lands. Now you have brought more heartache upon yourselves and those around you who have been trying to live simple, peaceful lives. It is your doing that this war has occurred. Even as Jesus said to Pontius Pilate, "You could have no power at all against me, except it were given to you from above: therefore he that delivered me unto you has the greater sin." The greater sin is upon you for the deaths you have brought about as a result of your unnecessary hatred.

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