Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Minorities at Risk

While looking up that information about the Sunnis being brought to Iraq by Saddam, I came across a Minorities At Risk report that was enlightening. Clicking on the View Group Chronology link was good reading too. Reading the allegations that Hussein used chemical and biological warfare methods on these people is eye-opening. It indicates, if the allegations are true, that this man was probably using them as target practice to test out these scientific weapons.

I think that I am going to discover that the information I'm going to find about "the Sunnis being brought to Iraq by Saddam" is not that at all. But rather that they -- as this Assessment Report suggests -- became an advantaged minority group because of his rise to power.

But learning about the Ba'ath party's ideals is interesting. It explains why Saddam drove out the Kurds: They didn't want to give up their heritage, culture, and language to adopt some national Arab identity. Probably the same with the Shi'i, whom I will study later.

Reading this history and that of Darfur's... I can only think to myself: My God, these Arab people just cannot get along with each other. They fight to occupy. And this fight started from before we were even born. From before Jesus walked the Earth.

And yet, I know the reason why.
But the world will not understand. And these fighting brothers will probably not accept it.
We live in the "today". Forget history. That's just for great reading. For inspiration or lessons to learn. Today has nothing to do with yesterday. Surely this did not happen because of that.
It's amazing what you learn. If you're willing.

Not all of them are fighting for occupation. Only a few. And those few wind up stirring the hornet nests of those peaceful settlers they impose upon. If they're not careful, they're bound to be stung...very badly.

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