Monday, January 03, 2005

Oh B.S.

...a Bachelor in Science, that is.

The challenge: How do you interest small, growing, curious minds in the field of science?

Apparently, there has been no advancement for the youngest of learners in the last 10 years within Arizona and across the nation, according to an Arizona writer who happens to be a member of the National Science Board.
Why should we care if 6-year-olds take science or not? Simple: Future innovations in science, technology, engineering, defense, national security and a whole lot more could be at stake.
She claims that baccalaureates given in global science & engineering dropped from 3rd place to 14th in the span of years from 1975 to 1999.

I had the coolest science teacher for Biology in high school. His name was Mr. Weaver. In fact, he was sent to NASA & Disneyworld in recognition of being such a cool teacher. He made the process of learning science FUN. Honestly, I wish I had been given a headstart in the knowledge of the field of science at a younger age. Other than the microscope & slides my parents bought me as a pre-teen & the butterfly collecting kit, I wish my grade schools had introduced me to the field of science. There is so much to be explored. And just tapping into this field can produce many innovations that our nation really could benefit from. Rather than relying on the skilled innovations from overseas, we could tap into the resources of our nation’s wealth and produce effective scientists.

For example, during the SARS outbreak in Japan, it was interesting to discover that Japanese taxi cabs have doors that are “automatic”. The fare never has to touch the door handle because the driver pulls a lever and the door automatically opens. The driver also closes the door. (You can view this here.) For a country that is so conscience of cleanliness & hygiene, this is one progressive step. How many times have we touched door handles, money, and paperwork that has been in the hands of others – not knowing where it has been before – and then turn around and touch our lips or put food to our mouths without washing our hands?

Something to think about.

With health care being an “always needed” profession & security taking on new definitions, we’re going to need scientists. Besides, other nations could rely upon our country for fulfilling these needs. Already, a Middle East country has called upon American Science & Engineering Inc. to fulfill a $3.7 million dollar order that involves installing, training, & one year warranty on parts of a sophisticated x-ray screening system built into a common delivery van. (Not sure who the client is.) It’s called the Backscatter Van and is supposedly going to be used for counterterrorism.

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