Thursday, January 06, 2005

Shut Your Pie-holes!

How many Bush-voters want to yell that to the cry-baby losers of the 2004 Presidential Election now that it's over?

Well I just did.

Look at this ridiculous story:
WASHINGTON, Jan. 6 - Congress officially ratified President Bush's election victory on Thursday, but not before Democrats lodged a formal challenge to the electoral votes from Ohio, forcing an extraordinary two-hour debate that began the 109th Congress on a sharp note of partisan acrimony.

It was only the second such challenge to a presidential race since 1877. Even the bitter contest in 2000 between President Bush and Al Gore did not produce a formal challenge to the results from Florida, the site of a 36-day standoff. Although House members objected, no senator joined in, as is required under federal law.

But on Thursday, a single senator - Barbara Boxer, a California Democrat who was sworn in Tuesday for a third term - joined Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Democrat of Ohio, in objecting to Ohio's 20 electoral votes for Mr. Bush, citing voting irregularities in the state.

Ok? You lost! Get over it!
It wasn't rigged. It wasn't juked. It wasn't flawed. It wasn't anything you wanted! And THAT my dear Kerry-voting friends is WHY you're still CRYING! It wasn't anything you wanted.

You wanted a new President. Understood. You had your vote. Move forward.

At the very last minute, on the day the President is to be ratified, one lone soul who cannot let it go has to cry wolf one more time.
Instead of holding a courteous joint session to certify the election, lawmakers were forced to retreat to their separate chambers for two hours of debate and a vote on the challenge. Democrats, nearly all of whom conceded that Mr. Bush was the rightful winner, said the move cast a needed spotlight on voting rights. Republicans called it waste of time.
Can I just say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to the House of Representatives & Congress for not dragging this on again?
In the end, the House voted 267 to 31 against the challenge. In the Senate, where the vote was 74 to 1, Mrs. Boxer stood alone.
Here's a box of Kleenex. Now move forward like a big girl.
In many ways, the debate came about because of the relentless efforts of a small group of third-party activists, liberal lawyers, Internet muckrakers and civil rights groups, who have been arguing since Election Day that the Ohio vote was rigged for Mr. Bush.

In the weeks since, those groups have organized rallies and public hearings in Ohio protesting the vote, filed lawsuits contesting Mr. Bush's victory and demanded a statewide recount that resulted in Mr. Bush's margin of victory shrinking by 300 votes, to about 118,450. They also protested in Washington on Thursday.
In the words of Officer Barbrady, "Move along folks. Nothing to see here."
But even Democratic officials in Ohio said that while they wanted improved election practices, they worried that the party was wasting time and money refighting the last election.
There ya go! A bunch of smart Democratic officials - using their God-given intellect. You're wasting time - mine, the public's, the House of Rep's, the Congress', lawmakers'... you're just wasting time. We have devastation in Asian regions that needs attention. We have war in the Middle East that needs attention. We have health care issues that need attention. And you're still freakin crying about the election!?

But Ms. Jones, a former prosecutor and judge, said she was bringing the challenge "on behalf of those millions of Americans who believe in and value our democratic process and the right to vote."
Here's a better solution, Ms. Jones ... how about, go to Ohio, and fix it.

Problem solved.

Go to Ohio and fix the voting process. There is well spent time...for everyone. You have four years to fix the problem. In the words of Starsky (Ben Stiller) in the 2004 Starsky & Hutch movie, "Do it. DO it."

Oh I know, I know. You don't want to right? Because... because... what? Bush won't be able to run in 2008? Is it all about Bush? Is there no other good reason for you to personally go to Ohio and fix the voting system? Don't use the smoke-screen excuse that their voting system bites-the-big-ballot-box only for this particular election because...because...Bush won. We have four years to the next election. Go fix it before then.

Oh my. Do I sound...irritated?
Gee. What gave that away?
Probably because...I am.

If she'd just go to Ohio and help fix the problem, then hey - we won't have to go through this headache again. Look at Washington State. I stopped reading about their ridiculous count, re-count, re-count of the re-count because it gave me a headache. There are other ways of fixing a flawed local system. Beating the dead horse over and over is not one of them. The little "ray of hope" you saw in the dead horse was just a muscle spasm. It's dead. Bury it.
The last time such a thing happened was in January 1969, when a North Carolina elector designated for Richard M. Nixon voted instead for George Wallace. Before that, the contested 1876 election between Rutherford B. Hayes and Samuel J. Tilden prompted the convening of a special commission that gave the election to Hayes.
Awww. And Nixon still was made President. And Hayes still was made President. And...guess what? Bush still was made President.

But - it's ok. You can cry. All of you. You're allowed to cry if you lose. Just don't waste our time in the process. The world is moving forward. People like me want to move forward with it. Stop hanging us up.

As for the rest of the Kerry-voters who have moved forward, let go, and are taking this very maturely... Thank you. This irritation is not expressed at you.

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