Sunday, January 02, 2005

Osama in hiding, still making statements

President Bush addressed reporters from his home on questions about the tsunami and Iraq. The following quote is the reason Osama needs to be found swiftly & brought into justice. This kind of thinking comes only from an oppressor.
Now, Osama bin Laden issued a statement, as you know, which made the stakes of this pretty clear to me. His vision of the world is where people don't participate in democracy. His vision of the world is where people kill innocent lives in order to affect their behavior and affect their way of living. His vision of the world is one in which there is no freedom of expression, freedom of religion and/or freedom of conscience.

And that vision stands in stark contrast to the vision of by far the vast majority of Iraqis and leaders like Prime Minister Allawi and President Yawer, whose vision includes the freedom of expression, the freedom of the right to vote.

And so, the stakes are clear in this upcoming election. It's the difference between the ability for individuals to express themselves and the willingness of an individual to try to impose his dark vision on the world, on the people of Iraq and elsewhere. It's very important that these elections proceed.
The Chicago Tribune has the full article here.

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