Saturday, September 25, 2004

Australia Targeted

Anyone who opposes terrorists will be targeted.
Anyone who wants attention will eventually be found out.
Time is the Sister of Truth.

Device found on Aussie jet
Posted Thu, 23 Sep 2004

Australian domestic airline Virgin Blue said on Thursday that an incendiary device had been found on one of its jets and admitted that its staff had failed to follow correct safety procedures.

Commercial operations chief David Huttner said a baggage handler found the device in the cargo hold of a 737-300 jet at Sydney airport on Monday morning.
An initial police report has concluded the device contained thermite, a chemical used in grenades.

Device that burns

"It was not something that goes boom, it was something that burns which means somebody had to be there to light it. It was clearly placed there by somebody who had access to the airfield because it didn't go through checked baggage," Huttner said.
Wrapped in toilet roll tube
The device was found wrapped in a cardboard toilet roll tube with a firework sparkler attached as a 30-second fuse. Huttner suggested a disgruntled airport worker may have planted the device deliberately, a suggestion strongly disputed by trade unionists.

"We believe it was placed in a way that it would be found and draw the attention that it did today. Somebody is trying to make a show out of this whole thing in our view," added Huttner
Australia is widely seen as among the top targets of Islamic extremists due to Prime Minister John Howard's strong support of last year's US-led invasion of Iraq.

However, to date no successful terrorist attack has been carried out on Australian soil.

Howard declined to comment on the finding on Thursday, saying he would wait for police investigations to proceed further.

Smart move. Find out what's really going on.
It would come as no surprise if it was terrorist-related.

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