Friday, September 10, 2004

Sentenced to death

He who plays with death will find death.

Zawahri is believed to be the architect of the al-Qaeda ideology.
In 1998, he was the second of five signatories to Bin Laden's notorious "fatwa" calling for attacks against US civilians.
He was a key figure in the Egyptian Islamic Jihad group, which later merged with al-Qaeda.
Zawahri's wife and children were reported killed in a US air strike in late November or early December 2001.
He has been indicted in the US for his alleged role in the 1998 bombings of US embassies in East Africa, and was sentenced to death in Egypt in absentia for his activities with the Islamic Jihad group in the 1990s.
Already his wife and children are dead.
Something noticeable about suicidal people:
  • They already feel like they have nothing to live for - which makes it easier for them to face circumstances that may bring about their own death.
  • They are already mentally unstable (big indication: they want to die) - so they tend to do stupid things.
  • They do not have regard for the lives of people around them (big clue: suicide is a selfish act to begin with)
  • If they cannot kill themselves, they find a way for someone else to kill them - even if the killing was not intentional on the "killer's" part (i.e. suicide by cop... which basically means that the suicidal person jumps out in front of a cop in such a manner with the intent of having the cop kill them)

And the NUMBER ONE noticeable thing about suicidal people?


Think about that. It will all make sense.



Suicidal folks also tend to place themselves in an environment that feeds off of pain. Perhaps, by remaining in a constant state of pain, this allows their conscience to justify their behavior.

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