Thursday, September 23, 2004

Terrorism = People Die

Here is the question of today:
How do we stop encouraging the pattern of a bully?

Today's bully: Al-Qaeda

The bully's motive: The Fatwah published 2/23/98.

The bully's pattern:
  • Give us that or this will happen! (this threat is usually made at the expense of others' lives)
  • If that doesn't work, then: We did this because of that! (this brag is usually followed by some act of violence somewhere in the world)

    One thing is common as a result of the bully's method:

People die.

So how do we stop this?
Do we:

  • Give in to their demands over and over again?
  • Place ourselves in a position of subjection?
  • Allow them to go unpunished for all the crimes they have committed on innocents all over the world?

People die.

This is not going to change where Al-Qaeda is concerned. As long as Al-Qaeda exists, people will die.

Because they do not have regard for human life.

If they did, then why would they kill innocent people?
People who are making a living. Creating a way of life. Earning a buck. Working in a foreign land. Experiencing another culture. Making friends across the continent (or world). Breathing in the same air and living under the same sky as those around them. The very people who are being taken in as hostages, subjected to a beheading, then filmed all over the Internet.

Washington Post
BAGHDAD, Sept. 22

Hensley, Armstrong and Bigley all worked as civil engineers for Gulf Supplies and Commercial Services Co., a construction company based in the United Arab Emirates. They were helping to renovate the Taji military base north of Baghdad, which is used by the reconstituted Iraqi army.

Where is the respect for human life?
It does not exist. Where Al-Qaeda exists, people die.

In a
previous blog, I talked about suicide. Since these folks are willing to die for their cause (which they choose to call "martyrdom"), I thought it was only appropriate to bring up suicide. Their cause is a holy war, also known as jihad - which is probably why they feel it is appropriate to call their death a martyrdom. But generally, a martyr is someone who dies at the hands of another because of their religious belief... not someone who dies at their own hands. This definition falls more under suicide.

To rehash what I said about the mindset of suicidal folks:

  • They already feel like they have nothing to live for - which makes it easier for them to face circumstances that may bring about their own death.
  • They are already mentally unstable (big indication: they want to die) - so they tend to do stupid things.
  • They do not have regard for the lives of people around them (big clue: suicide is a selfish act to begin with)
  • If they cannot kill themselves, they find a way for someone else to kill them - even if the killing was not intentional on the "killer's" part (i.e. suicide by cop... which basically means that the suicidal person jumps out in front of a cop in such a manner with the intent of having the cop kill them)
  • Suicidal folks also tend to place themselves in an environment that feeds off of pain. Perhaps, by remaining in a constant state of pain, this allows their conscience to justify their behavior.
  • Suicidal folks are cowards.

Do you know that suicidal behavior can run in a family?
PubMed says "Familial clustering of suicidal behaviour has been well documented. "
I bring this up because I cannot help but notice that members of Al-Qaeda tend to commit suicide (i.e. strap a bomb to their person and walk into a crowded place or drive a car fixed with explosives into a building) and some have brothers, cousins, nephews, uncles, and fathers who are members as well. Something to think about.

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