Saturday, September 25, 2004

Egypt Gives In to the Bully

Now does this title sound very spiritual for a group who claims to be fighting for God?

"The Holders of the Black Banners"

Just what spirit are they advocating who banners itself in black?
Last time I checked, God's purity was all about white.

I actually think their title is very appropriate. Well chosen.

Kidnap: Egypt vows no troops to Iraq
Posted Sat, 24 Jul 2004

Cairo vowed on Friday not to send troops to Iraq after an armed group kidnapped an Egyptian diplomat, and relatives of seven other hostages begged for the release of their loved ones threatened with beheading.
The hostages — three Kenyans, three Indians and an Egyptian, all truck drivers — were kidnapped on Wednesday by a group calling itself "The Holders of the Black Banners."

Company told to withdraw from Iraq

One of its demands is that their employer, trucking company Kuwait and Gulf Link Transport, withdraw from Iraq. The group has warned that if the company fails to comply a hostage would be killed every 72 hours beginning on Saturday.
"The owner of the company has indicated to us that he is willing to adhere by the demands of the kidnappers," said Mutua.
The Jordanian-born Zarqawi, who is blamed for some of the bloodiest car bombs and attacks in Iraq, has a $25-million US bounty on his head.

That's some bounty. If one was wise, both they and their generations could retire on such wealth. But the real reward for his head:

  • silence from his cold lips.
  • humility to one arrogant and boastful hypocrite.
  • justice for his crimes
    • against the Only almighty God (aka blasphemy) ...Who, by the way, needs no man to fight His battles and is never bannered with black... and
    • against humanity - including on arabs.

He & his followers can let us all know if they got their 29 virgins...or whatever the count was up to...from the other-side of the spiritual curtain.

These arabs holding the black banners don't want to see Iraq rebuilt. Why not? Meanwhile, we are pagans for helping Iraq drive them off Iraq's soil - or bury them under it. This reminds me of the story about Pharaoh: "Let My people go." Hmmm. Because tyrrany just hates to lose any control.

When freedom sounds, a war will happen. That's history. Spiritual and physical.

Think about it.

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