Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Hornets Sting More Terrorists

And the hornets sting at yet another swat - even if it was only a verbal one:

U.S.-led forces launched offensives in three Iraqi rebel strongholds on Thursday on a day Osama bin Laden's deputy ridiculed the U.S. military, saying their defeat in Iraq was just a matter of time.
U.S.-led forces killed nearly two dozen insurgents in a town near the Syrian border and bombed targets in Falluja, west of Baghdad, for the third straight day.
Troops mounted a major offensive in Tal Afar, a suspected haven for foreign fighters about 60 miles east of the Syrian border in northern Iraq, and went into the tense town of Samarra north of Baghdad, while keeping up pressure on Falluja.
The fighting in Tal Afar killed 22 insurgents and wounded more than 70 people, a local government health official said.

These EDPs - or rather SDPs (Spiritually Disturbed Persons) - just don't get it.


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