Thursday, September 09, 2004

Deluded Terrorist Leaders

Ayman al-Zawahri, the number two figure in al Qaeda, speaks his truth.

I don't agree with him.
The excerpts appeared to be part of a longer message. Al Jazeera said elsewhere on the tape he announced that "the age of security has passed for Americans, and they will not have security until they stop their crimes against Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine."

It seems the man is deluded. We (the United States) did not start these so-called "crimes against Muslims" in these countries. We started a war with their arses when their foolhearted cockiness thought they would strike us on our soil.

We are done with anticipating their attacks on the United States. We are done with "responding" to attacks. We are now at the age of intercepting via intelligence and then initiating our own attacks. As long as George Bush remains President, this country will remain as secure as humanly possibly with what measures we have in place. I too will scoff at those remarks intended to intimidate and bring fear to the hearts of American people:
"In Kabul, the Americans and peacekeeping forces are hiding from the shells of the Mujahideen and expect martyrdom (suicide) attacks at every moment," Zawahri said in Thursday's tape.

They don't want us on their soil? Then they shouldn't have taken a swat at the hornets' nest.

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