Saturday, September 25, 2004

The Irish Can Drink!

There is truth in that: "The Irish can outdrink anyone."

Drinking costs Irish $3-billion yearly
Posted Thu, 23 Sep 2004

Alcohol-related health problems in Ireland are increasing, costing the nation more than €2.65-billion last year, according to a government study published on Wednesday.

The second report of the Strategic Task Force on Alcohol (STFA) said the Irish were amongst the highest consumers of alcohol in Europe, with a consumption rate of 13.5 litres of pure alcohol per adult last year.

"There is no doubt that alcohol-related harm is one of the biggest public health issues facing Ireland today from an economic, social and personal standpoint," said Health Minister Micheal Martin.

"This harm is not limited to the individual drinker but also to those around them and to society," said Martin.

"How ahrrrrr ye, lass? Come down t' the pub an' 'ave yerself a beer."

No thanks. I'm trying to quit.

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