Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Bush Wins

I am glad this election is over and that we do not have to go through the same fiasco as in 2000: count the votes, re-count the count, re-count the re-count of the count, re-count the re-count of the re-count of the count.

I must admit that Kerry conceded very honorably. He had good things to say in his speech. His demeanor was very likeable - much more than John Edwards' speech. Edwards grated on me. I sat there listening to his speech and questioned: What about those of us who stood in line for 10 hours to vote for President Bush and other Republicans??? Did you hear our voices too? Did we not forego field soccer, doctor appointments, and jobs to stand in line too?

At any rate, some amazing historical facts came about in this election:
**Bush won the most popular votes ever held by a President. Ronald Reagan used to hold that claim.
**After 25 years, there is now a Hispanic Senator again: Ken Salazar (D) from Colorado.

Also, the Republicans gained 30 seats in the GOP: 230 (R) & 200 (D).

Since I voted for Bush, I am pleased that he won. I chose Bush because of his unwavering ability to make a decision after weighing out facts. He does not tell the American people what we want to hear, but rather what exists. I listened to his debates and decided that he had good values in regards to life, family, justice, science and its impacts on our society, protection to our country and people, and all in all that his words indicated that he had a good heart.

Kerry began to impress me toward the end of the campaign because it seemed he had gotten his act together. Instead of fumbling over himself by trying to explain all the details in between to only confuse us as to which way he leaned on issues, he carried himself confidently and was strong in his arguments (even though some of them were the same ones & I still disagreed with them). As I said earlier, I also admired Kerry's concession speech. Much more than Edwards'. Edwards appeared a bit too cocky for my taste. Kerry was very noble in addressing his defeat and appeared to harbor no ill feelings about the results of the vote. I appreciated seeing that because he did have some good ideas in his campaign and hoped that he would continue to be positive in looking for good results for our country.

I was also very pleased to hear that both Bush & Kerry spoke on the phone in regards to the division that appeared to be forming in this country. Watching the media and seeing the images of U.S. Americans trashing our country and its leaders was tough. The protests in New York were bothersome, resulting in people getting thrown in jail. Some were innocent, but being in the wrong place at the wrong time will get a person in jail. Better to avoid any appearance of wrong or wrong-doing.

"United we stand, divided we fall."

Now that the election is over, rather than go about crying who was elected into office where ever, I think the most intelligent thing the people of this country can do is to become a big think-tank and begin tapping into the entrepreneurial spirit that built this country into the success it became - both nationally and internationally. We need to collectively come up with ideas that will strengthen our nation economically. Where we have sent industries and companies overseas (known as "outsourcing") -- let us think of things that will create jobs in our country and then do those things. Some areas are trying to turn corn into a source of natural gas for automobiles to use. Is someone out there making this idea into an industry? Who owns cornfields? Is someone negotiating with these cornfield owners/farmers to come to an agreement on supplying a percentage of their corn for this industry? Or is that percentage too small and instead would it be feasible to grow their own corn? How many acres would be sufficient to produce enough "natural corn gas" to run one vehicle with a tank capacity of 10 gallons for one year? Now multiply that number by 300,000 vehicles (a large city). Is this do-able? No? Then, how about looking at fueling transit busses instead of private vehicles? Or fueling taxi cabs around the nation? Get the ideas generating.

Or what about international health? Can our country become the top producer of educated medical staff in this day of technological advances? With the spread of diseases, viruses and new mutations (i.e. avian influenza A, SARS, yellow fever, Dengue fever), the possibility of new strains developing in the future, and combatting the old strains by finding cures; then why not make it easier for American students to become Health care providers and scientists? Fund more grants and scholarships. Find a way to permit higher education to be more accessible both financially and locally so that low- to middle-income students can become doctors, nurses, infection control chiefs, scientists, and biomedical engineers. These professions will always be a necessity... so there needs to be thought put into retaining these workers as well. They can combat these illnesses as well as look into scientific solutions using the resources we have within our country's borders to fuel our economy and way of life.

Rather than blame some scapegoat -- which usually winds up being the Government -- let us try to be more productive and use our intellect for something meaningful rather than for debate. Put action into positive results. We are a nation that was founded "For the People, By the People". It's time the people do an extra step beyond going out to the polls to vote: Quit griping and help this country stand tall internationally.

As for the Iraq war - that will not tarnish our image. There is a history of turmoil in that land that has been going on way before our time. We're there now - we're working on rebuilding and helping that country's people establish groundwork - so let's cheer on the hardworking men & women who have put their lives in harm's way in order that another group of people in this world might know what it is like to live freely without tyranny and oppression. If we pull out and that country decides to have its own civil war, then let them have at it. Heck, we did. Which brings me to another thing: The United States of America is founded by a People that have a genuine heart to do good, build up, and see success. If not, we would not be One Nation Under God now. We would still be "the North" & "the South". We would not share public areas with mixed races. We would still be divided by color and separated with man-made prejudiced boundaries. We would not have things like Philanthropists, Grants, Scholarships, and Charities. We would still be working hard for every dime we get - all of us - and nobody would ever know the gift of these institutions.

God, Bless our President and the Leadership in our Country & Government. Give them wisdom and be an available Source of sound Counsel to them at all times. Help them to govern the People of the United States with mercy, wisdom, and truth. Bring peace and prosperity to our Country and People. Where there are divisons, strife, contentions... bring in a flood of peace and unity. Help us to prosper and encourage one another... and help us to help others. Where our military troops are stationed, Lord, protect them from destruction, harm, and evil. Watch over them and send your Spirit to comfort them, lead them, and strengthen them. Send people to them who can provide spiritual support for them to lean on You & Your understanding rather than their own. For in Your arms, Lord, we know there is strength and rest. Bless our enemies, Lord. Forgive them of their trespasses against our People and Country. Soften their hearts, Lord, and let there be peace in this world among all the Leaders of the Nations. In Jesus Name, I pray. Amen.

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