Saturday, November 20, 2004

Nigerian Roommate Scam

While we're on the topic of Nigerian scams....
This article is incredibly humorous and I'm so glad this lady didn't get scammed.In spite of the fact that she obviously hates police officers (which -- by the manner in which she tells us about her encounter with the officers in question -- I can understand why), I decided I would add this newsletter to my list of blogs. I know: Technically she classifies this website as a newsletter. It may as well be what I’m doing here. Just much nicer and more original posters. (I am looking for other people who wish to post with me.) Besides, the word "verisimilitude" goes right along with my website’s theme of "wake up, dude". Wake up cuz yer believin' something that ain't really real. (love my English?? haha)

Here's the article.

P.S. While I'm at it - I'm going to add Breakup Babe's blog. Another amusing writer - and she also got her first book published with Random House. You can read about that here. Look at November 10's posting.

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