Sunday, November 28, 2004

Hell, Alaska

I was reading through Say Anything when I came across this story and then decided to go read the journal related to the story. She can't spell to save her life. But then, she doesn't have to now does she? Rachelle Ann Monica Waterman (16) murdered her mother, Lauri Waterman (48). The Anchorage Daily News reports it here:
According to court documents, Arrant helped Radel buy duct tape and gloves on Saturday to be used in the crime. He allegedly dropped Radel off near Waterman's home in Craig, where shortly after midnight, Radel kidnapped the woman, forced her into her own minivan and killed her with a blunt object, according to Alaska State Trooper Robert Claus.
The two 24-year old guys, James Allen Arrant and Brian James Radel, were accomplices. All three are charged with first-degree murder. The guys kidnapped the mom, bound her with duct tape, killed her with a blunt object, drove her minivan to the dead end of a logging road with her in the back, doused everything in gasoline, and then set it all on fire. The father reported her missing when he came back from a meeting in Juneau. Rachel was at a volleyball tournament in Anchorage. The boys knew the mom would be alone because Rachel told them.

According to her journal entry here, she wasn't the only one in her school who made the news. Exactly what kind of darkness is looming in Craig?

And as if this entry wasn't prophetic? Weapon of choice: Flamethrower. Interesting. Homocidal insanity level: 58%? Well, I guess she did share the homocide with two others making her percentage of involvement close to half. I wonder if she'll really spend 19 years in jail? Hmmm.

This is pretty insightful.

And she said "violent people suck".

If you read this entry, go to this website to see where her words came from.

And don't think for a minute that she never went to church.

Reading her journal, I learned that she was a Senior in high school, taking Calculus, accepted in Honor Choir, trying out for a play, and involved on the high school Volleyball team. I read this entry and it only says about a total of 3 lines, but so much was said and done that wasn't seen. One can only wonder if her mom truly tossed her out... or if she said, "Get out of this house!" (or something to that effect) in complete frustration (the joys of being a parent) and Rachel was so ready to go because of some rebellious streak or because she felt like her mom didn't love her and she just chose to leave on her own. Then when her mom found out where she was actually staying (which she had to have called around or searched for her - which shows she cared, whether or not someone wants to admit that)...she probably "freaked out" because she realized that Rachel would really leave. Not because she thought Rachel would tell someone. In a town of 1200 people, you pretty much know everyone. Especially, if there is only one major grocery store and high school in the area. Not much remains hidden. Flying down the stairs... was she hit and then lost balance and fell down the stairs? Was she literally thrown down the stairs? All we get to hear is her part. Her mother would probably tell a different story. That's usually how it works.
I wanted a pentogram on the upper butt cheek (hidden so say my mother doesn't see it) and it's almsot done. I ahve a star on m ybutt, I jsut need the circle. I ahve to find a big paper clip or somethign and bend it in a circle to get it all done at once. For the star at first it was bit by bit then the person got smart and went like half side at a time. that sucked massively, especially at first. Thoguh it only hurts for hte first instance, then it's just...wierd feeling. But yes I now have a burned star in my butt, when it's compeltely finished I might take a pic and put it up here, I won't show my ass the just the pentogram.
Her parents found wicca books, she has a screen name of "Satan's Mistress", her picture for her Live Journal is of a BDSM female figure, and she got a pentagram on her butt. I think this explains clearly her fascination with darkness. I bet she had no clue what it would lead to in the end. But that's what happens when you play with the wrong spiritual things. A clip from what I said before:
Wiccans are looking for a spiritual guide. They're just looking in the wrong place. It's natural to be interested in the spirit world. We're 1/3rd spirit. But it's just a matter of being interested in the right kind of Spirit. There are too many that will damage our lives.

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