Tuesday, November 23, 2004

U.N. Oil For Food Scandal

Time is the sister of Truth.

Whatever is done in secret will be exposed. Just give it time.

And quit with the whining already. The war is happening – there’s no distraction from that. The very incredibly appalling story that is LINKED to this war needs to come out LOUD AND CLEAR. Now call for Kofi Annan’s resignation. He didn’t like this war to begin with – didn’t approve of it. But I think we’re beginning to understand why.

What’s REALLY going on, Private?

Story here.

Others believe the US is using the investigations as a way of distracting attention from the war. Mr Shay said: "Well, the UN is sure making it easy (to attack)."

The oil-for-food program ran from 1997 to 2003. It was supposed to allow Saddam to sell oil, provided he used the money only to buy food and medicine.

Since the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, evidence has emerged that Saddam found many ways to skim billions from the program. Some of that money allegedly went to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers. It is also alleged that Saddam paid foreign journalists and sympathetic foreign officials, as a way of getting them to campaign to get the sanctions lifted. Around 270 people are alleged to have received vouchers to sell oil for millions of dollars in profit.

And we wondered where all that money was coming from, pouring into Saddam's pockets. Usually, when a country's EEEEEEEEVIL leaders *pinky to corner of mouth* are amassing weapons to fuel a war, they look for ways to amass money first. And the way they amass money is always criminal:

  1. Money Laundering,

  2. Drug Trafficking,

  3. AND NOW... having the UN as aiders and abetters to let them slide by!!

Gotta love World Security, huh? What is the UN good for if they cannot even police something like that?? They're all scammers. The whole lot of them. And they call THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA the "bad guy" because... waaaaaaah... we're tough and don't take no shit off no one. They don't like our methods because our no-nonsense, push-our-way-through, get-the-job-done, stick-our-nose-in-because-you-took-a-shot-at-us, ways are just too much for them to swallow.

Stop acting like a bunch of criminals and we'll stop kicking your arse.


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