Monday, November 22, 2004

More Hostages

Do Muslims want to be represented in this way?

BBC News - A group calling itself the Army of Muslims says it is holding the hostages, who had been helping to organise the presidential election on 9 October.
I don't think these people really think about the effect their name has on themselves or those around them when they go dubbing themselves something like "Holders of the Black Banner" or "Army of Muslims" [a.k.a. Jaish-e-Muslimeen (JM)]. This latest group was founded in December 2001 by a former Taleban commander: Akbar Agha. Those people in the group are probably all Muslim for sure, but I think the Muslim community, as a whole, really does not approve of these hostage-taking events. I’d like to think so anyway.

As for Bin Laden:

"As we all know, there are many holes in which he can hide. I am confident, however, that sooner or later we will find him. We will stick our head into the right hole and there he'll be."
I hope they find that hole by the New Year. That would be a great relief once he is finally captured. Both he & Zarqawi.

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