Saturday, November 27, 2004

Saddam Has No Rights

AMMAN (Reuters)

It (Saddam’s defence team lawyers) accused the United States of mass killings and of violating the Geneva Convention, and cited the actions of U.S. soldiers and their allies in Fallujah and other Iraqi cities.

"We continue to stress that Saddam is the legitimate president of Iraq and his government is the only government that represents Iraqis, thus any member of this regime is able to file the suit," he told Reuters.

The team has expressed frustration on several occasions that none of Saddam's lawyers had so far been allowed to see him. They have previously threatened legal action against the U.S. administration for that.

Maybe I’m just naïve to how this whole process works when it comes to war, but isn’t it pretty reasonable to detain a well-known dictator with a crazy following of suicidal folks just waiting for his word to do this or do that and not let anyone near him who has the potential of carrying out some message of his to his followers?

Heck, this guy - Ziad al Khasawneh - just got done saying that Iraq was still under Saddam and his government. Does that sound like a sane statement? I mean, come on, the whole world witnessed that Saddam was captured. His statue was toppled over – no longer erect. His 20 palaces – some on man-made islands surrounded by man-made lakes – were discovered and ruined.

Saddam –

*The man who permitted his sons to rape Arab women, even if they were married, in order to “punish” someone – whether it was the women or the men married to them or the brothers or …someone. But was also sadistic in permitting beheadings, tortures, and murders aside from rape. All to Iraqi women. (Read here.) (And here is a story from one Iraqi officer.)

*The man who abused the UN’s Oil For Food program – buying off Russia, China, and France with the money from the program. Three permanent Security Council members.

*The man who starved his own people as a result of this UN Oil For Food scandal – “the largest financial swindle in history”. (Story here.) [Read the story – enlightens readers everywhere about how Terrorist Leaders like to “make deals”… unchanged tune for hundreds of years.]

*The man who assassinated someone in order to rise to the top as leader of Iraq.

*The man who had “a fervent admiration of Hitler.”

And so on and so forth.
And I’m sorry, but this is a war. People will die. Innocent or not. Saddam said himself this would be a “mother of all wars”. But yet he instigated it. He had help - you know he was behind this. So come on – what kind of idiot would want ANYONE near this twisted tyrant now that he’s behind bars where he belongs?? He wants the world to feel sorry for him? He wants to repent for his sins against his own people and humanity? (I don’t think his & his followers’ version of Allah would approve.) He wants RIGHTS?? He gave those up the minute he impeded on others’ rights. What right does he have? HE has the right to remain silent. The right to await judgment. The right to know that Iraq will be freed from the 24 years of tyranny he brought to that land – oppressing people to appease his paranoid butt and make he and his sons rich.

Look what has come from his years of rule: pain, oppression, violence, death. And this kind of rule doesn't like to give up without a fight. Welp - here we are.

He has no rights now. I think these so-called “defense lawyers” are better off accepting that fact.

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