Friday, November 12, 2004

A Sane Perspective: Religious Fervor For Terrorists

BBC News: Mullah Omar said the jihad, or holy war, being fought by the Taleban was not aimed at "getting to power".
"If [the Taleban] wanted to secure power and material benefits, they could have made a deal with the Americans," he said.

Who are they to assume that the U.S. of A. would make any sort of “deal” with them? The history of Arab terrorists goes way back – and they simply haven’t changed their tune. (Read A brief history in terrorism written 8/24/04 – August 2004 archives.) Their past “deals” with our country started off as “tributes”. Basically, it was “you give us such & such amount of money and we promise not to bomb your ships and make your people serve as slaves”.

Here’s an example of the unchanged tune: One hundred years ago, Ahmed er Raisuli didn’t like the way the Moroccan government was being run and wanted to overthrow Abdul-Aziz. So how did Ahmed “deal” with the situation? He kidnapped someone, held them for ransom and then got the whole world’s attention to the event. (Sound familiar?) Raisuli had a reputation for returning messengers with their throats cut or just sending back their decapitated heads in melon baskets.

The United States has international business dealings all over the world, as do other countries. And technically, the Taleban (and its numerous copycat insurgent gangs like “The Holders of the Black Banner” – Read Egypt Gives Into the Bully written 9/25/04 – September archives) is kidnapping and chopping off the heads of just about everyone who is not 100% Arab and living or working in that region. So what kind of statement are they making?

In Mullah Omar's latest message he again rounded on President Hamid Karzai:
"The puppet administration and agents are installed to destroy the courage and belief of the Afghans, their fate and their morally clean society."

Mullah Omar said that the US "should know that we are determined to win the independence of our country".

What exactly is this Omar’s definition of independence? Apparently he believes the U.S. is somehow “controlling” the so-called “puppets” over there. “Controlling” and “educating” are two different things. Yet, a perverse dictator with the inability to let-go might actually combine the two. But truly, when a country cannot manage its people and resources for hundreds of years, then maybe it’s time it took a lesson in Government 101. And what better teacher than from an established country that began from scratch by a bunch of immigrants over three hundred years ago?

So the U.S. is helping Afghanistan form a government. It is not dictating how things should run, but educating those people in government how to administer the affairs of Afghanistan. The United States is a country that is For the People, By the People. When governing a country, it is important to remember that the people are what make the country. One cannot lord over them, amass abundant riches and flaunt it in the forms of 20 man-made island palaces and expect the people to show respect to such a “leader”. If Afghanistan wants independence, then it asked the right country for help. We are a generous country. We give our money, resources, man-power, and whatever it takes to help another country establish a foundation.

He added: "I will not let you and your hopes down. I will not leave a shameful history as a legacy for our future generations."
Mullah Omar has periodically issued taped messages urging his followers to maintain their attacks on Western forces.

Y’know, the more I read, the more I think that this actually sounds like someone is upset because they had plans to run the country. Sounds like frustration. Was this Omar promised the country? Is there more to this than meets the eye? Why is he so hell-bent on making sure that the U.S. has no involvement when all we are trying to do is assist? It sounds like he’s trying to sell himself to the Afghans with his words. “Vote for me.” Except in this case, there’s no voting. He just wants to take over. He’s encouraging war with “Western forces” a.k.a. United States troops.

It’s like the world just wants to say to this guy, “Step aside, buddy. Yer making this harder than it has to be. Sheesh.” People in Afghanistan obviously want our help or they wouldn’t have accepted it from us. The only persons encouraging trouble are Osama and this Omar. Can I suggest Ritalin? Better yet, Valium? Might need something stronger.

If they’re not seeking to secure power or gain material benefits, then they are a lot stupider than I initially thought they were. Basically they’ve admitted to be senselessly killing a whole lot of people because their country is receiving aide in a form they do not approve. Yeah, great leadership qualities. Super way to build international relationships. I’d give those guys two thumbs… down. If any Arab follower thinks that these guys are such great men and are willing to give up their lives to fight for these mens’ cause, then so be it. It only adds to the numbers of more senseless deaths. It’s okay to fight for a cause, but stop and think about both sides of the issue and consider other options. Death does not have to be one of those options. That’s a choice: Life or death. Which would I choose? Life – any day. In any form. If someone would rather choose death, then I have to question his or her supposed religion.

I am of the understanding that these men are conducting some kind of one-sided holy war (a.k.a. jihad). The question I ask is “Why”? I realize that Afghanistan has about five revised Constitutions and in it they indicate that the country’s main religion is Islam. So, they’ve established a country based on a religion. Just because the United States was established as a country that gives people the choice to exercise whatever religion they choose does not make our country atheist. Nor does that make our country lesser in the eyes of God.

I don’t care what name you call God. Allah. Yahweh. Buddha. Creator. As far as most people are concerned, there is only one God. From there on, each religion starts spouting off its different tangents on what comes next. However, one theme should run true for all these religions and that is: God gives life. The world and the heavens came into existence because He gave it all life.

Most Americans are Christian or Catholic. One thing we both have in common is the Bible. It reads exactly the same regardless of the translation version. Americans founded a country that allowed both religions to have a safe place to worship God. We have Russian Orthodox, Mormon, Presbyterian, Unitarian, Pentecostal, Episcopal, Islam… I hardly think that America cares to wage any kind of holy war. We unite people. We welcome people.

I think at least 90% of Americans would say that they want our military troops to come home. We do not like to see people die. Especially as senselessly as we have seen in the Arab regions. We do not like to witness or hear of suicides where people strap bombs on their bodies and walk into crowded buildings killing themselves and the people around them, including children. Most Americans literally hate seeing such death. It makes no sense to us because we live in a society where such violence is not encouraged. And those of us who believe in God know for a fact that God does not need us to make statements on His behalf. Statements like suicide bombings, holding people hostage and cutting off their heads for public display, flying airplanes into towers filled with innocent people.

But I think this is where Islam and Christianity (in its various forms) differs. Christians believe God is love. Love thy neighbor as thyself is the second greatest commandment. Faith, hope, and love but the greatest of these is love. But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil. The Bible is riddled with passages talking about love.

Whatever the Islam faith is, I would like to believe that it is not about hatred and killing people and threatening others. Because, truthfully, this is all I have seen about Muslims and Arabs on TV. If Islam is nothing like this, then let me just say that these men are making a bad name for this faith. And if that is what they are doing to the faith, think of how bad a shape the country would be in if it were put into their hands. Bad judgment is bad judgment no matter where it is exercised: faith or government. Perhaps the supporters being rallied should consider that. Religious fervor can be a dangerous thing. Just remember who God is - who Allah is. And remember, He doesn't need our help to make a statement. I am confident that all He wants is our love... for Him and for each other.

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