Saturday, November 27, 2004

Holy Nuclear War, Batman!

Palestinians, Chechens, and Arabs… all working together as terrorists?
Well, at least they show they can “work together” in one area – but unfortunately that area has to be for evil? It cannot be for good? Killing people. Holding people hostage. Threatening the lives of innocents to get the world’s attention.

Muslim Chechens (see this story: Leading Islamic Leader In Russia Calls for Jihad against U.S.) and Muslim Palestinians are joining with Muslim Arabs to fight a “holy war”. What exactly started this “holy war”? What insanity provoked these terrorists into believing they have some right – granted by God a.k.a. Allah – to kill:
  • Anyone.
  • Anyone who does not believe as they do.
  • Anyone who is American.
  • Anyone who is a “Westerner”.
  • Anyone who is a foreigner working in Iraq.
  • Anyone who is a foreigner working in Afghanistan.
  • Anyone who is trying to do some good by feeding people, providing medical assistance, creating jobs, or repairing utilities and buildings.
  • Anyone who is a child.
I don’t get it – why do Muslim Terrorists target children?? In the U.S. we saw that guy from Tacoma who was going around the U.S. sniping people…and he actually had the insanity to target a child at a school. Recently, we saw Chechen Muslim Terrorists holding children hostage in a Beslan, North Ossetia school after setting off explosions and shooting schoolchildren and teachers as they tried to escape. An October 13 report says a member of Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath Party was holding layout plans for six (6) U.S. schools in California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey and Oregon on a computer diskette because he was supposedly “collecting information from the Internet sites of American schools that would be useful for emergency planning for Iraqi schools”. I like to think well about people too – but please don’t sugarcoat a potential threat. Especially when that same report indicates that:
1. These terrorists entered Arizona from northern Mexico into an area that’s difficult for U.S. Border agents to monitor,
2. A suspected al Qaeda leader, Adnan Shukrijumah, was spotted in Mexico and is believed to be seeking ways to bring al Qaeda members into the United States, and
3. Since October 2003, authorities have arrested five Arabs attempting to cross illegally into the United States from Mexico. This is a war. Authority figures will say anything to calm the fears of people to prevent public panic, but it doesn’t hurt to know the truth so we can be a cautious public.
ABC News
The new message opens with a plea for advice from Palestinian and Chechen militants as well as Osama bin Laden supporters in Afghanistan and Pakistan. "We face many problems," it reads in Arabic, "and need your military guidance since you have more experience."
…"This particular memo asks for strategic advice, but it makes it very clear in the text that what they really want are volunteers, money and more munitions," said military analyst Tony Cordesman, an ABC News consultant.
Analysts say the message appears to be written by the same man, identified as Abu Ahmed al-Baghdadi, who posted a plan of action on the Internet a few weeks ago that included kidnapping interim Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's relatives and attacking British troops.
Well I guess this particular story has a theory that’s beginning to prove true:
“The Chechen group is suspected of having links to Islamist terrorists seeking to separate the southern enclave of Chechnya from Russia, according to officials familiar with intelligence reports.”
I admit something needs to be done about these terrorists, but I don’t think a nuclear weapon is the answer:
The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, yesterday announced, out of the blue, that Moscow has developed a new, secret and terrible nuclear weapon unequalled elsewhere in the world.
…His announcement was all the more bizarre because the speech was aimed primarily against terrorists - the one group of enemies who are, by their nature, not best dealt with by nuclear weapons.”

C’mon Putin, put that thing away. The last thing we need in this already crazy world of third worlds at war is to think a nuclear warhead is going to resolve the third world war. Each third world country that is rising up militantly against countries like Britain, Russia, and the United States is not only going to be annihilated by the nuclear warhead, but it’s going to annihilate parts of other countries not intended to receive the blast AND it’s going to piss someone off enough to have THEM send off an additional nuclear warhead. It’s going to be more chaos than already exists. It will end this world. It will ruin us all.

What we need right now is for Muslim terrorists around the world to stop acting like the right hand of Satan and realize that their war is oxymoronic in nature. I don’t think you guys really know what Allah wants. If you did, you would not encourage others to take up arms and other weapons to kill others… or to use your bare hands to strangle them if there are no weapons available… as an alternative to prayer. Instead, you would pray.

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